Our Story

Making healthy treats for your pet is a passion that became my obsession! I've always loved pets and had dogs as long as I can remember. I've also always loved eating healthy and learned that flavor does not ever need to be compromised.

In 1995, I switched my dogs from a commercial food to an all-natural diet and was amazed at their improved health. My passion to share what I had learned turned into a long career devoted to the health and wellness of pets.

I spent over 15 years as a retailer of natural pet foods, eventually finding my true passion as a manufacturer, starting Whole Life Pet with the mission to make the Highest Quality, Safest, Best Tasting Pet Treats On Earth.

We make 100% of our treats in house and work exclusively with human food suppliers, sourcing every ingredient in the USA. We never use chemicals, additives, preservatives or anything artificial. We freeze dry our treats to concentrate natural flavors and to maintain their full nutritional value; and we verify the safety of every batch we make every day.

Whole Life Pet is about understanding. We understand the love that you have for your pets. We understand the trust that you need to have in the companies that make the products that feed your pets. We also understand the nutritional needs of your pets. There are so many "natural" treats available today, made from healthy ingredients but with no thought as to whether or not those ingredients are actually healthy or appropriate for a dog or cat to eat on a regular basis. Your pet can’t choose to eat healthy. It’s up to you. If you care about the health and happiness of your dog or cat, we encourage you to put your trust in Whole Life Pet Products: the healthiest, tastiest pet treats on earth.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of our ingredients, the safety of our products and taste of our treats to be higher than any other brand of dog or cat treats. If you try them and don’t agree, we will refund your money-no questions asked.


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