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Safety is all about Trust

At Whole Life, safety is our number 1 priority. Our brand is rooted in the love we all have for our pets and the trust you need to have every time you open a bag of Whole Life treats. We are transparent in everything we do, not only letting you know where we buy our ingredients, but also where our products are tested and how you can verify results based on the date code printed on your bag.

About our testing procedures

Every batch of product we produce, every day is tested for Salmonella, E-Coli, Listeria and Staphylococcus aureus (Staph). We use a computer program to randomly select finished product from every tray we produce. We collect those samples and submit them to Valid Labs on a daily basis.

Checking results on your bag

On the back of each bag, at the top, is a date and lot code. This code is tied directly to a unique batch of product and unique test run on that product. To view the lab results of any bag, simply type the code into the box below and click "fetch." The picture provided provides an example to follow.

Enter the letter and 5 digits that follow the letters MFD above the expiration date. Example E2412

About Valid Labs

Valid Labs is an independent testing facility, in Agawam MA, especially designed to serve meat and food processors with their need to comply with USDA, State, client and internal quality standards. Valid Laboratories is a comprehensive testing facility employing USDA guidelines as official methods for all testing.


  • USDA-FSIS Accredited Meat and Poultry Lab for:Moisture, Protein, Fat and Salt. # 2561
  • USDA-FSIS Approved for Salmonella testing on liquid eggs. # 3734
  • State of Connecticut Department of Health Services, approved Water supply and Food Laboratory. PH#-0542
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Environmental Protection Division of Environmental Analysis Certified lab # M-MA1112
  • EPA Approved Lab. # MA01112

Important information: This is a new feature on our site for production starting on 11/20/2012 and does not contain back logs of Older lab reports. If your product is date coded before 11/20/2012 or if your code only has 4 digits instead of 5 and you would like to view lab results, please email your MFD code to

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