Tail Mix Grilled Sirloin Burgers are Vincent James' all time favorite treat. Thank you for making a healthy treat that tastes delicious. And we love that there are no mystery ingredients!

C & K

My puppy is not food driven, (that was such a shock in itself!) so most treats she'll take or leave and not be too excited about. These Whole Life Pure Salmon treats are a life-saver. When she sees the bag (she knows it's look/sound from other bags already) she's instantly at my feet and ready to work or crate up for her favorites. Just ordered a bunch more and I love that I can feel good about giving them to her! By far the best treats I've found.


My little dog loves these treats, she has tummy troubles, so we stay away from thing that have preservatives and nitrites and all of those other things in them, and no gluten.

L. C. Smith

Thank you so much for making the best treats! I love them. I get so excited I start barking at the bag.

Vinny C.

@WholelLifePet The Pirate squandered an entire booty of tail mix today. He was purring while licking his paws.

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