@WholelLifePet The Pirate squandered an entire booty of tail mix today. He was purring while licking his paws.


@WholeLife They know if they let me bathe them and blow dry them that there are chicken treats in their future, BOL!

Rose V.

To ‎Whole Life Pet Products, I entered a contest on Natural Awakenings Boston, Ma website and won a gift basket! yahhoooo!. I was so surprised at the quality of the treats. Now our dogs and cats freak out when they see or hear the bag.Thanks for making such a great product, I love them!

Cynthia Plakias

"We just found out that my 7 year old male Great Dane is allergic to Chicken. Challenge - try to find dog food without chicken! Well we certainly found that in Whole Life Pure Beef. He absolutely LOVES these treats. My 18 month old Great Dane female, who is the pickiest eater in the history of the world literally bounds around the room when she sees this bag. I use it as a topper for their evening meal and also give them a few pieces as a treat. I couldn't be happier with this product. The areas on my male where he has lost hair and it is now growing back in and his coat is shiny and soft. I did also switch him to the Fromm full Beef/no grain kibble. He gobbles the Fromm, but dances with joy for the Whole Life. I heartily recommend for all dogs. My "dog pantry" will never be without this Whole Life product."

Paula M.T.

My dog is so picky that he'll turn down 90% of treats. We do agility and it's a challenge to find him treats that will actually motivate him. Well, he loves these, which is great. They are a fair bit less expensive than the other types of treats he'll actually eat. I also like that these are fully cooked prior to freeze drying because in agility, sometimes I'm giving treats quickly and his saliva is sometimes on my hands when I reach in for another treat. With a fully cooked product I have less fear that moisture will cause rapid bacteria proliferation

C. Butters
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