Did You Know?

Our Founder, John Gigliotti, knows first-hand how confusing the pet food & treats industry can be. 

Here, you can see the methods we use, and the reasoning behind them all. 

By removing nearly all the moisture, freeze-drying concentrates the natural flavors

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Have you ever watched a sauce reduce and as the water in it evaporates, it becomes more concentrated in flavor? Since nearly every bit of moisture is naturally removed by our freeze dryers, dogs & cats are left with treats that have an extremely concentrated, intense natural flavor.

If you find your pet getting a little more excited for Whole Life’s treats when you dole them out, that’s why!

Freeze Drying is the only way to make

shelf-stable treats and food without preservatives

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All shelf-stable treats made using processes other than Freeze Drying require the use of preservatives. Freeze drying removes so much moisture (usually 98-99%) that the treats are naturally preserved with no needed additives or preservatives, and are shelf-stable with much longer expiration dates.

Bonus - when you take Whole Life’s treats on adventures with your dog or cat, they’re compact, lightweight, and much neater to snack on!

Very few brands make their own products. 

This practice is called Outsourcing

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Most pet food and treat brands don't make their own products and have zero control over the quality and safety, or the sourcing of ingredients. They place that responsibility on co-manufacturers who produce products for multiple brands at a time.

At Whole Life, we not only own our Berkshires-based Human Grade facility and use American-sourced products to create our treats, we also hire pet-loving people who believe in our mission as much as we do.

By only removing moisture at sub-zero temps, freeze drying retains more nutrients than any other process


Even though temperatures in our freeze dryers reach lows of -50 degrees Fahrenheit, freeze-drying is one of the most gentle processes out there to create treats and food. 


Unlike most dog & cat treat processes that use quick high-heat methods focused on lowering cost and increasing capacity, the low and slow process of freeze-drying leaves nearly all the naturally-occurring nutrients that are vital for your pet’s well-being safely intact by only removing the water content.

Many companies like to use the words "Human Grade," but only a few of us can legally say it on the bag

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There are only a small handful of companies on earth that can make a Human Grade claim on their packaging. To be legally able to do this, our entire process has passed the scrutiny of the FDA and all 50 States’ agricultural departments. Plus, the entire process must pass Human Food Good Manufacturing Practices for Human Edible Food (GMP’s 21CFR110). ⁠

If a product is sold nationally in stores, you can trust the words “Human Grade” on the bag. If the words are only used on a brand’s website, the brand likely did not have to earn any real certifications, and it's probably time to find a new brand you can trust. ⁠

To learn more about what this claims means for you and your pet, visit here.

Brands sold only online can say nearly anything on the bag without scrutiny

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Brands that are sold in stores are subject to both Federal and State labeling laws. This means that inspectors from each State's agricultural departments visit stores and make sure those brands are registered to sell, and scrutinize every aspect of the packaging to ensure that the product is correctly labeled, and that the ingredient and nutritional statements are accurate.


Any brand that is non-compliant is given an opportunity to fix what is wrong or be pulled from the shelves.


Brands that are sold only online fall under no one's jurisdiction. There is no inspector viewing their packaging or claims, and no one is testing the accuracy of their nutritional panel. They are completely UNREGULATED and can say anything on the bag with no fear of repercussions.