Why we chose freeze drying

We chose freeze drying over all other forms of food and treat production including baking, dehydrating, extruding, canning and more.


Minimally Processed Food is Better Food

We believe one of the keys to healthy eating is to buy the very best ingredients you can find and to do as little to them as possible.  We chose freeze drying because its the best way to achieve this goal and provide pets with minimally processed food and treats without preservatives or additives.  Instead of cooking, freeze drying uses sub-zero temperatures in a vacuum chamber to gently pull moisture out without the loss of nutrients cooking creates.  Freeze drying locks in freshness and intensifies natural flavor.  It also keeps food from shrinking or becoming tough as with other drying processes.


Slower is better

It takes 18-20 hours to freeze dry foods, as compared to high heat quick cooking methods that

can take just minutes.  Its this long, slow, gentle process that allows us to make the healthiest

treats possible.


How the process works

  • Food or treats are first flash frozen.

  • They are placed on trays and put inside a vacuum chamber at temps ranging from -30°F to -50°F.

  • Low radiant heat is applied to the trays only which causes a process called sublimation, slowly pulling out moisture.

  • Cold plates or coils attract and collect this water vapor like metal to a magnet and turn it into ice.

  • Once foods reach a low enough moisture content (generally between 1-4%), they are completely freeze dried and shelf stable.