Our Promise

Making a Human Grade Claim is No Joke

Don’t be fooled by brands that tell you they use “human grade” ingredients. That’s a meaningless claim with nothing to back it up. Imagine eating at a restaurant that said they use the best ingredients, then you walk into a dirty kitchen to find a total lack of food safety and cleanliness. 


You probably wouldn’t eat there and at that point their ingredients really wouldn’t matter.  There are only a few (literally) companies in the Global Pet Industry that can say Human Grade on the bag. We are one of them. The reason there are only a few of us is because it’s a very costly and difficult standard to achieve and maintain. We like it that way! 


In order to say “Human Grade” on the bag, every year we have to pass the scrutiny of the agricultural departments of all 50 states by providing them with documentation to support the Human Grade claim. If we fail, our products are pulled from the shelves of the stores we are sold in. 


We have to document things like:

  • Ingredient Spec sheets stating the source of every ingredient, how it’s processed, and validation that it’s human edible

  • Licenses and inspections of our facility

  • Food Safety Plans

  • Letters of Guarantee from all our suppliers, and more


As long as you see the “Human Grade” badge on our bags, you’ll know we are being scrutinized at the very highest level while our competitors are going largely unchecked.


Uncompromised Safety

We have a massive number of safety steps in place that we follow day to day, plus we have Tim. Tim makes sure everything around our facility is getting done to those standards. Beyond that, we test every batch of freeze-dried products we make. After running through an extensive internal Quality Control process, every batch gets placed in Quarantine while we send samples out to an independent lab that tests for Salmonella, Listeria and E-Coli. Once our lab tells us that a batch is clear, our products then move from quarantine to packaging and ultimately to you and your pets.


  1. Click on the link above. You will be directed to the server that our lab results are stored on.

  2. Using the MFD code on your bag, locate the folder your lab results are stored in.

  3. Open the folder and select the file code that matches your bag. Click on the PDF file to open and view the lab results.

Expiration date