Our treats wouldn't be the Best Tasting and Safest Treats on Earth without the ingredients from our incredible suppliers. 

Featured Suppliers

Chicken and salmon are the top two ingredients here at Whole Life Pet, so we wanted to highlight these two amazing companies that share our passion for the product and commitment to quality and safety.

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Did you know we use these brands too? 

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Used in Living Treats for dogs and cats, Nature's Remedy Cat Supplements


Used in Living Treats for Dogs

Peanut Butter Flavor

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Our Partners

Red's Best

Headquartered on the historic Boston Fish Pier, Red’s Best was founded in 2008 to serve fishermen from local coastal communities in the USA. They aggregate catches, networking small boats with proprietary technology to form a large market presence, leveling the global playing field.

We’ve been buying Wild, Sustainably-Caught Salmon, Cod, and Tuna from Red’s Best Seafood for 10 years.  Red’s is as passionate about the quality and traceability of their fish, as well as the sustainability of the fishing industry as we are about making the highest quality, safest pet treats we can. They are an amazing, local, company that we are proud to do business with!

Tip Top Poultry

This family-owned and operated company was founded in 1947, and for more than 67 years the people of Tip Top have worked to provide "Tip Top" quality service and products to our customers. 

Tip Top Poultry has provided us with chicken and turkey for over 7 years. Having a Poultry provider that we can trust is one of the most important parts of our supply chain.  The quality of Tip Top’s products, the high safety standards to which they are made, and the integrity the company has in all of its business practices are all at the highest levels possible.