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Just One Cod Dog
Just One Cod Dog
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One Ingredient, Many Benefits

A single ingredient, protein-rich treat with intense natural flavor.  Just One treats are ideal for all dogs and especially designed to help finicky eaters, dogs with food allergies and stomach sensitivities, or overweight dogs. Designed as a healthy daily snack made from pure Human Grade Wild Caught Cod. First, we hand-cut skinless, boneless fillets into cubes. Then we flash freeze and freeze dry them to lock in nutrients and concentrate natural flavors. Grain and gluten-free with nothing artificial. 


Whole Life Pet Guarantee

Boneless, Skinless Cod

Is the Only Ingredient



High In Protein
The essential amino acids your dog gets from quality animal protein contribute to healthy hair and skin while supporting muscle development.

Low In Calories
More than 60% of dogs are overweight, so finding a food that is low in calories is essential to maintaining proper weight over a lifetime.

Great For Allergic Dogs

Our single ingredient formulas make Just One treats the perfect add-on to an allergic dog’s diet.

Feed as a daily snack, crumble over your dog’s meal as a natural food topper, or use for your next training session.  Moisten briefly for a soft meaty texture.

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