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Made from human-grade whole food ingredients, Living Treats provide daily support of a healthy digestive system.


Each treat contains probiotics from real Greek yogurt, plus healthy digestive fiber from pumpkin puree.  In addition, Living Treats contain real whole fruits, rich in antioxidants and ground flaxseed, which contain healthy omega oils.


Ideal for all cats as a daily part of a healthy diet.


Whole Life Pet Living Treats Chicken Recipe for Cats
Whole Life Pet Living Treats Chicken Recipe for Cats



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Made With These Great Ingredients!

Greek Yogurt bowl
Sliced Chicken Breast
Pumpkin puree

Chicken Breast, Plain Greek Yogurt, Pumpkin Puree,

Ground Flaxseed, Applesauce, Blueberries & Cranberries

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Quality, Human-Grade, Safety
Whole Life Pet Guarantee
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Clean Recipes
Only a few whole food ingredients make up our Living Treat formulations.  You won’t find a single one that you can’t recognize!
Minimally Processed
Instead of cooking Living Treats, we gently freeze dry them to concentrate flavor and prevent nutrient loss.
Helps Support Healthy Digestion
Living Treats contain lots of yogurt, plus all the live active cultures that come with it.  We also add pumpkin puree to help support healthy digestion.
Low In Calories
More than 50% of cats are overweight, so finding a treat that is low in calories is essential to maintaining proper weight over their lifetime for a soft, meaty texture.

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