Living Treats For Dogs

Made from human grade whole food ingredients, Living Treats provide daily support of a healthy digestive system.

Each treat contains probiotics from real Greek yogurt and because Living Treats are freeze dried and not cooked, they maintain the full purity and potency of all those live active cultures your dog’s digestive system needs to remain healthy.

Ideal for any dog as a daily part of a healthy feeding program.


Digestive Fiber Plus Probiotics From Real Greek Yogurt



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Human Grade Chicken

Sourced from Tip Top Farms in Georgia.  Chicken provides lean, low-fat protein, essential vitamins and minerals which all help build and maintain strong muscle.

100% Natural, Additive-free Dehydrated Potato Flakes
Sourced from Idaho Pacific.
Potatoes provide a healthy grain-free energy source for your dog and helps avoid common allergens like wheat, corn or soy.

100% Pure Pumpkin
Sourced from Libby’s.   Pumpkin is a low calorie source of dietary fiber and used widely to help dogs maintain healthy digestion.

Greek Yogurt
Sourced from Cabot.
Yogurt contains live active cultures which are a great way to get probiotics into your dogs daily diet to improve gut health.

Sourced from Heartland Flax.  Flaxseed provides the essential omega-3 fat alpha-linolenic acid which helps a dog maintain a healthy skin and coat.

Dehydrated Apple Fiber
Sourced from Marshal Ingredients.  A high quality source of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber.

Everything in the bag…