Our Story

In 1995, I switched my dogs from a commercial food to an all natural

diet and was amazed at their improved health.  They were leaner,

had better skin and coat, less shedding, less allergies and just

seemed healthier and happier.  My passion to share my experience

with my own dogs turned into a long career devoted to the health

and wellness of pets.  


After spending 15 years as a retailer of natural pet products and

having a growing concern about the safety of pet food and treats, I

made a career change and found my true passion as a manufacturer. 

In 2009, I started Whole Life Pet Products with the mission to make

the Highest Quality, Safest, Best Tasting Pet Treats and Food on Earth. 

I surrounded myself with a team of passionate pet lovers who live

and breathe that mission every day.


Together, we pioneered a philosophy called Farm to Friend®.  That means that all of our products are 100% Human Grade.  They are made

in-house, from scratch, in small fresh batches daily.  We are totally transparent with our ingredient sourcing and we verify the safety of

every batch we make every day. 


We understand how much you love your pets.  It’s how much we love our pets.  We also understand the trusting relationship you need to have with the companies that make products to feed your pets.  We encourage you to put that trust in Whole Life®. 


All the best,




John Gigliotti-Founder and CEO