John & Dexter

I built our own FDA-inspected facility in the beautiful hills of the Berkshires in western Massachusetts where we make food and treats to Human Food (Human Edible) standards. While my competitors are left hoping their co-packers are getting it right, when I check on the quality of our products, I just walk onto the production floor and talk to Tracey or Rob!


People and Passion

My staff is like a family. Over 10 years we grew from just me, my wife Jen, and two others to a team of 20. We spend a lot of time together each day pouring our heart and soul into making the best pet food and treats we can. We are all pet owners and pet lovers, and that passion comes through in the products.

We also have long standing relationships with some of the best human food suppliers in the industry. Local companies like Red’s Best Seafood in Boston who has supplied us with incredible wild, sustainably caught fish for 10 years, or Tip Top Poultry in Georgia who has provided us with amazing, premium quality chicken and turkey for over 7 years.

Companies who share our passion for the products they make. These relationships are the foundation of trust that we have built to ensure that we are living up to our promise to make the highest quality and safest pet food and treats on earth.

All the best,



Founder and CEO

I was a Pet Industry Retailer for over 15 Years.

My love of pets and passion for feeding them healthy food led me to become a retailer of pet products. For 15 years, I developed a deep knowledge and expertise on pet foods and treats.

Over time, I became very frustrated by companies talking the talk, but not walking the walk. Companies who talked about quality and safety but had repeated recalls. These were the same products I was recommending to my customers who were trusting me to help them provide the best for their pets. I had to make a change.

So, I sold my retail business, mortgaged my house, bought a freeze dryer, and founded Whole Life Pet.

What ultimately caused me to change my career path and start Whole Life was realizing that most brands don’t make their own products and have zero day-to-day control over quality and safety. I wanted to do things differently and create products and a process that I had 100% control over, one that I could believe in, and one that pet parents could trust.

Our Pillars

human grade

Human Grade

One of only a small handful of companies that can say Human Grade on the bag

best ingredients

Best Ingredients

100% Human Food ingredients sourced only in the USA

made in-house

Made In-House

In our own FDA inspected facility operating to Human Food GMP’s 21CFR110

freeze dried


To lock in freshness, retain nutrients and
concentrate natural flavor

verified safe

Verified Safe

EVERY batch is held and verified safe by an independent lab