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We’re Keeping It Real!

We are obsessed with making real food treats and toppers.  We create products that are human-grade, minimally processed, and that you can easily recognize in their natural form. That’s the concept behind realFoodies.  Portioned, fully-cooked and ready-to-serve grilled chicken breast.  Freeze dried to lock in flavor and nutrients.  The ideal treat or meal topper, ready for you and your dog anywhere, anytime.


Portioned, Cooked and Ready to Serve!

Easily Breaks or Shreds For Treating Or Meal Topping

Store right in the bag, no refrigeration required

2 Ways to Feed


Break off a perfectly sized piece for your dog

Shredded Chicken Topper

Shred some over your dog's dry or wet food

High In Protein
The essential amino acids your dog gets from quality animal protein contribute to healthy hair and skin, while supporting muscle development.
Low In Calories
More than 60% of dogs are overweight,

so finding a treat that is low in calories is essential to maintaining proper weight

over a lifetime.
Great for Allergic Dogs
Our single ingredient formulas make realFoodie treats the perfect add-on to an allergic dog’s diet.

Feed as a daily snack, crumble over your dog’s meal as a natural food topper. Moisten briefly for a soft, meaty texture.