Quality, Human-Grade, Safety

Hydrating Treat, Snack, or Meal Mixer For Cats

Each bowl is made with the finest human grade, whole food ingredients like lean protein, fruits or vegetables, and all-natural flavors. They are gently freeze-dried to lock in flavor and nutrients without the use of chemicals, additives, or preservatives. Designed as a daily mixer-topper, adding exciting flavors and textures to every meal. Be sure to try them all!

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  • All Natural With No Starches, Gums or Thickeners

  • Makes A Nutrient Rich, Flavorful Broth In Just Seconds

  • Eliminates The Waste And Hassle From Messy Pouches

  • Ideal For Finicky Eaters Or Those With A Loss Of Appetite

  • No Refrigeration Needed During Shipping To You Or Storage At Home