Junior Fluffkins, one of my two rescued Norwegian Forest Cats, really likes the LIfebites™.

I love the texture. I cannot call it a pate but it gets soft and I like that it holds a lot of water -- that is important to me because Junior Fluffkins needs a lot of liquid to avoid UTIs. There is no dry food in this house except for some dry treats for Stormy. So with these LifeBites I can add quite a bit of water without it turning grossly mushy.


Kay T.


My vet was thrilled when I brought her a bag of Whole Life® Turkey as a gift recently. She loved the fact that it has nothing in the bag but freeze dried TURKEY. Also, she mentioned that there are cats that have chicken allergies and this would be a wonderful treat for them.


L.C. Smith


My little dog loves these treats, she has tummy troubles, so we stay away from things that have preservatives and nitrites and all of those other things in them, and no gluten!


Vinny C.


Thank you so much for making the best treats! I love them. I get so excited I start barking at the bag.



Great treat for my dog. So healthy. Love that the Chicken Breast treats have no other ingredients. We had to find a treat that would not cause him allergy problems he was having from treats with too many additives and preservatives, etc. My dog goes crazy for them!

Jodi B.
Our 3 cats LOVE Whole Life® pet treats!!! We have asked the store to please NEVER be out of stock. We now mix these YUMMY treats in with the wet food. Thanks for being so passionate and dedicated to producing such a wonderful, natural product...There is NOTHING else like this!!!

Racy Mooner
Whole Life® freeze-dried chicken treats make wonderful stocking stuffers . . . sometimes they never even make it into the actual stocking.

W. Derias


Best treats available anywhere! This product is perfect for your precious kitties. Freeze-dried chicken pieces and nothing more! My kitties absolutely love this product. I will highly recommend Whole Life® Pet Products All Natural Freeze Dried Chicken Breast for any "parent' who wants the best!

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