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The Pirate squandered an entire booty of Tail Mix® today. He was purring while licking his paws.


Shelley S.


Our cat LOVES this stuff. We use it for clicker training and he can't get enough of it. All we have to do is pull the bag out of the cupboard and there he is! Decent sized chunks which we break up into small pieces. There is dust at the bottom, which we'll use on top of his wet or dry food.


Paul M.


Our dog loves them. He has food sensitivities, and these treats are fine for him.​


Julian L. 


HI from NYC!!!
I just wanted to tell you guys what a HUGE fan I am of your freeze-dried chicken!!! Actually, Spunky is the one that is the REAL fan, I am the one that gets ‘em and says, “Snack?!!” and shakes the bag. Well, she goes NUTS.
This time I got a large bag, and put 1/2 of it in the freezer. My cat LOVES the stuff



Dear Whole Life,
I want to thank you for making such a wonderful, healthy product. I want to give your product credit for giving this girl, Chloe, back her appetite. A small cat to begin with, she lost interest in eating and got down to a little over 4 lbs. Along with some herbs from her Vet, I gave her these treats and also sprinkled them in her food. She was interested in those crumbles and started eating the top layer of her food. After a a few months, she started eating her food alone, and is back to her fighting weight of almost 6 lbs. She still loves these treats and gets them daily. She wants to thank you too.

Dunja H. 


Chaplin loves his Whole Life® pet treats. These treats are my cats' absolute favorite, and as you can see in the picture, Chaplin will go to any lengths to get his paw on one My other 3 cats are happy too that he will share! Thank you!