Every Batch Tested, Every Day

At Whole Life, we are transparent in everything we do, even our safety



The best way to ensure pets' safety is to test every batch, every day.  It

slows the process  down and we like it that way.  When it comes to safety,

going fast is not our style!


Whole Life® tests every batch we make for:

• E. Coli

• Salmonella

• Listeria

Test and Hold Before Release:

We quarantine every batch until its safety has been verified by an independent outside lab. 

We use Microbac Labs in Worcester, MA.


Lab Results Available Online

A code on the upper portion of the back of our bags allows you to view actual lab results

for the batch used to make the treats or food purchased.

On the back of each bag, at the top, is a date and lot code. This code is tied directly to a

unique batch of product. To view the lab results of any bag, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the link below. You will be directed to the server that our lab results are stored on.

  2. Using the MFD code on your bag, locate the folder your lab results are stored in.

  3. Open the folder and select the file code that matches your bag.

  4. Click on the PDF file to open and view the lab results.


View Lab Results

Verified Safety