We use 100% Human Grade Ingredients!

We believe in clean eating so our recipes are simple and made with Whole Food. They never contain by-products, meals, fillers, grains, glutens or anything artificial.

Instead of cooking, we freeze dry to lock in freshness and flavor and to avoid the use of chemicals,  additives or preservatives.

Our goal is to be the most transparent pet food and treat company on earth. Our sourcing guide lists every ingredient we use and where we buy it.  You can check the source of each ingredient on our “ingredient Tracking” page.

We are uncompromising when it comes to safety and test every batch every day and only release products verified to be safe from harmful bacteria.  We test every batch for salmonella,

E-coli and Listeria.  You can check the safety of the bag you purchased by going to our “Verified Safety” page.