Functional Food Topper For Dogs & Cats

100% pure instant yogurt powder.  Made by freeze-drying Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt. Ready in an instant.  Just add warm water and stir. Makes feeding probiotics daily a breeze.  200M Live Active Cultures per 1 tsp serving. Always ready in your pantry and no refrigeration required.


Freeze Dried Yogurt
Freeze Dried Yogurt



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Quality, Human-Grade, Safety


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Human Grade freeze-dried powder made from 100% pure Chobani plain Greek yogurt.  Ready in seconds, just add warm water, stir, and serve.

Whole Life Pet Guarantee
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Key benefits

Daily source of probiotics for both dogs and cats that promotes and restores intestinal health and balance.  
Clean Recipes
Made from 100% pure Chobani plain Greek yogurt.
Helps Support Healthy Digestion
Promotes and restores intestinal health and balance. Helps stomach upset, diarrhea, or post antibiotic treatment.
Easy to Use
Can be rehydrated to a variety of textures ranging from a thicker yogurt consistency to a thinner drinkable liquid which is great for pets that need to increase fluid consumption.

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