Quality, Human-Grade, Safety
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We Make The World's Highest Quality, Safest Freeze Dried Treats and Toppers


Everything We Make Is 100% Human Grade

There are only a hand full (Literally) of pet treat brands in the world that can say human grade on the bag.  We are one of them!  We don’t just meet-we exceed the AAFCO requirements for Human Grade or Human Edible pet food and treats production.  Our facility is FDA inspected and follows GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices) for Human Edible Food 21CFR110.  We also follow Global Food Safety Initiatives (GFSI’s) and have achieved a BRC third party audit with AA rating.  That is the highest Global Food Safety Certification a facility can have.

Quality, Human-Grade, Safety
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We Make Our Own Products


Most pet treats are made using co-manufacturers which means the brand whose name is on the bag has zero control over quality and safety.  They just hope their co-manufacturer gets it right.  This means that, as a pet owner, you don’t know who is actually making your pet's treats. 

If you feed any of our products, you can be 100% sure we control every aspect of manufacturing in our own facility and we do it to the highest quality and safety standards possible.


Minimally Processed, Clean Recipe Formulas

We use the low and slow process of freeze drying.  It’s unlike high volume, high temperature treat making methods that are built for speed. Freeze drying removes up to 99% moisture, while preserving our treats in their natural state without the use of any chemicals, additives, or preservatives!  This retains more nutrients than all other food processing methods allowing us to fully utilize heat sensitive ingredients like yogurt for its Probiotic benefits.  One of the coolest things about freeze drying is that as moisture is removed, flavor is concentrated, so freeze dried treats have intense natural flavor without ever needing to add salt, sugar or other taste enhancers. 

Verified Safety of Every Batch

My name is on every bag, and I take that very seriously. In addition to our products being minimally processed, human grade, and made 100% by our team, we verify the safety of every batch before it ever gets put in the bag and shipped to you.  Each day, products are removed from the freeze dryers, batch coded and put in quarantine.  Samples are sent to an independent lab that test for harmful bacteria. Several days later, and only after receiving all negative test results and going through strict internal quality control including metal detection, we release the product to be packaged and shipped to you and your pets.  If you would like to test our safety process, take the batch code from the back of any bag and enter it here.  This will allow you to look at the same lab results we looked at when we released that batch!  Its all about transparency and trust.

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