Pets can’t choose to eat healthy, so it’s up to you.

We eat a varied diet and can afford to indulge, but dogs and cats eat the same thing day after day, often for their entire lives, so we have to get it right.

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Treat Them Right

Getting is right is hard, because the pet industry is like the Wild West

Companies make outrageous, false claims about the quality and safety of their products because they know most people won’t fact check.

Ten years ago, I was so frustrated with how many companies were misleading pet owners that I decided to create my own brand.

Farm to Friend™ for the Life of Your Pet

We pioneered a philosophy called Farm to Friend™. It’s a completely transparent supply chain that allows you to know everything about us, our company and our products.  The journey starts with our amazing farmers and fisherman who supply us with 100% Human Grade ingredients, to our passionate pet-loving staff who make our food and treats every day.  And finally, our “test and hold” safety program that ensures every batch is tested and verified safe before it ever gets put into a bag with lab results posted on our website for you to review.

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